This site is dedicated to (mostly) acoustic string music, which I play on guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, etc. I have particular interest in early 20th century acoustic music, including ragtime, jazz, blues, popular song, and southern Appalachian fiddle tunes. Other influences include early 1960s surf and pop instrumentals, British light orchestral music, 1930s/40s Parisien cafe bal musette and Hot Club, klezmer and Balkans, the Swedish fiddle tradition, and early forms of Latin music, such as habañera, tango, and Brazilian choro.

My recorded arrangements and compositions are posted on Soundcloud. Original compositions are on the Tunesmiths page:

Other recordings are on my Edwardsounds page:

Youtube channel:

I  am a member of Newcaste’s world music street band, Meze Mundo , and the Side Cafe Orkestar. I have played on two CDs, available as discs and downloads: details on the audio page